A painting is much more than paint on an empty canvas. Each one has its own story to tell, which can only come to life in the mind of the observer. Art is about depicting that which is found inside ourselves. Capturing thoughts, experiences and the world which we observe and intuitively projecting it outward. The observer must sense the wind, smell the water, feel the temperature, breath in the subtle scent of the rose or the perfume on the body. A painter is able to portray all of this on canvas, in a process depicting the essence of infinity. Whether the subject is a landscape, an object, fauna or flora, the intoxicating effect and fascination of a beautiful painting is always a powerful experience. It places us under a spell, tempting us to step into an infite world of fantasy and feel the same pleasure felt when looking at the painting. Our entire life is a record of imagery, which for many of us serves as a powerful source of new ideas and energy. The potent effect that some artwork imparts on us stems from the core of what it means to be human. Perhaps it is a memory or clinging to a joyful moment which one wishes never to forget.

Yesterday is but a dream,
Tomorrow is only a vision.
But today well lived makes every
yesterday a dream of happiness,
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore, to this day,
for it and it alone is life!

The destination
Reality and truth. Terms which we search for within ourselves; I want to fall into infinity, dive into my thoughts; perceive the limit of my comprehension, and then the light and infinite heavens beyond.
Here I find relaxation and my own inner peace, troubles and worries are replaced by colors which penetrate deeply into my heart, show me the way and enable me to exhale; removed from conscious thoughts and actions, I cross the horizon in my mind.

The journey
My studies of the Impressionists sparked the fire of color; my work as a conservator-restorer was an engaging, liberating process that freed me from the constraints of solid shapes; with my knowledge of composition and color, I soon discovered the playground that is Expressionism; years of experimentation followed.
2012: “Intuitive realism,” a period of colorful paintings fade into a game dominated by color nuances; my catalog “Salzburg intuitiv” is published.
2013: Shapes continue to transform into color surfaces; the horizon becomes a theme; after many successive stages of development and a new awareness of the essentials, the working cycle now known as “infinity” comes into being.